CONSTRUCTION: Compensating cable is having 2 cores of different metal wires, having characteristics similar to that of thermocouple with which it is intended to be used. *each core is electrically and thermally insulated individually. * Both core are further insulated or sheathed as per user’s specification.* each core of the cable of one or more wire as per user’s specification.

INSULATION: The compensating cable cores are insulated with (a) Flame-proof compounded High Temperature Cable fabric braiding over heat and moisture resistant double fibre glass covering, or (b) Polyvinyl-chloride (PVC) coating, or (c) Heat resistant coated double fibre glass covering, or (d)Any other type of suitable insulation as per use’s specification e.g., etc. generally conforming to IS8784.


(a) Flame-proof compounded High Temperature Cable Fabric braiding, or

(b) Poly-vinyl-chloride (PVC) or /PTFE

(c) Fibre glass with or without heat or moisture resistant coating or

(d) Any other type as per user's specification.

SHIELDING:Plain or Tinned Braided copper wire shielding is provided. Alternatively it may be heat resistant aluminized polyester foil called mylar tape in parallel connection of one drain wire of tinned copper.

ARMOURING: The pattern selected depends upon whether protection is required against moisture (attracted by High Temperature Cable fibres), mechanical damage or both. A further decisive factor is how the Cables are run, fixed, trailing and in the former case whether surface run or laid in conduit. * Armouring is generally provided of galvanised steel wire. But any other suitable wire may be used as per user’s specification.

COLOUR MARK:The insulating sheaths have different colours to indicate the type of compensating leads. The positive pole is always coloured RED as per lS & WHITE as per B.S. negative BLUE Except in case of Fe/Const where positive is YELLOW. Any other colour code as per user's specification can be provided.

PACKING:Normal packing will be in running length of 100 Metres but could be made in running length up to one kilometre.