The Vital Role of Rubber Trailing Cables in Modern Defense Equipment: Guidance from Manufacturers in Kolkata

The Vital Role of Rubber Trailing Cables in Modern Defense Equipment: Guidance from Manufacturers in Kolkata
May 10, 2024
The Vital Role of Rubber Trailing Cables in Modern Defense Equipment: Guidance from Manufacturers in Kolkata

The rubber trailing cables play an important role in the modern military. These types of cables are highly effective because they transmit the required information and electrical energy for the operation of weapons and military equipment. 

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of these products purchased from rubber trailing cable manufacturers in Kolkata and their role in missiles, submarines, and fighter planes. 

The Origins of Cables 

There is no doubt that cables originated from early scientific experiments. One famous example is Benjamin Franklin’s kite experiment, which showed the connection between electricity and lightning. Franklin used a long iron rod with a metal cable to attract lightning and protect buildings. This metal cable is considered the ancestor of modern cables. 

As time passed, cable technology improved. Nowadays, there are many types of military cables designed for various uses in defence and construction. 

Why are Rubber Trailing Cables Used in Submarines and Fighter Aircraft? 

Military cables are important both on land and underwater. In 1858, Cyrus Westfield installed the first transatlantic submarine cable, connecting Europe and the United States. This made communication much faster and more efficient, greatly improving information transmission worldwide.

Military submarine cables are crucial for secure and reliable communication in underwater environments. They help coordinate military operations, transmit intelligence data, and enable communication between submarines and land bases. 

These cables are designed to resist water and humidity, ensuring they work even in the deep ocean. Any disruption in communication at these depths could have serious consequences for national security.

To ensure safety, these cables are insulated with special materials. These materials can withstand high temperatures and remain intact during a fire. The reliability of these cables is crucial for the safe operation of submarines. Submarines often dive to extreme depths and encounter hostile conditions. 

Fighter planes use special cables for air-to-air missiles. These cables are made to handle extreme temperatures, high altitudes, and shocks. They need to be strong but also light because weight is crucial in military planes. The engineering for these cables is remarkable because they have to work in tough conditions and ensure the weapons systems can function properly. 

Rubber Trailing Cable Manufacturers in Kolkata make and supply top-notch rubber trailing cables for various uses. Often, people need elastomeric trailing cables quickly and in small amounts. The experts make the cables using the latest tech in the industry, making them lighter, tougher, and more flexible than ever. 

What are the Features of Rubber Trailing Cables?

The experts use quality silicon to protect the cables from water and make sure that they possess high tensile strength. This type of cable has many specific features, including: 

  • The cables have heat-resisting elements up to 1800-C fiberglass.
  • They are available in both single-core and multicore cables. 
  • Braided and varnished cable
  • The cables are equipped with flexible copper conductors.

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Nowadays, in defence, military cables are considered the backbone of electrical energy and communication. These essential elements play an important role in the efficiency and safety of armed forces around the world. If you want to learn more about our products, contact the most reliable rubber trailing cable manufacturers in Kolkata, L. D. Bhattar & Co.