Important Applications Of Braided Copper Wires

Important Applications Of Braided Copper Wires
Dec 15, 2023
Important Applications Of Braided Copper Wires

L.D. Bhattar & Co. is the best copper braid manufacturer in Kolkata. We also manufacture a wide range of other cables and offer them at the best possible price. In this blog, we will explore some of the important applications of braided copper wire and why it is preferred for them.

What Are The Benefits Of Braided Copper Wire?

Let’s dig into the benefits of braided copper wire before diving into its applications. Here are some benefits that make it suitable for different purposes, such as:

Flexibility: Braided copper wire can bend and twist easily without breaking or losing its conductivity. This makes it ideal for applications that require frequent movement or routing through tight spaces.

Durability: Braided copper wire can withstand mechanical stress, abrasion, corrosion, and high temperatures better than solid or stranded wire. This makes it more reliable and long-lasting for applications that expose the wire to harsh conditions.

Conductivity: Braided copper wire has a larger surface area than solid or stranded wire, which allows it to carry more current and reduce resistance. This makes it more efficient and effective for applications that require high power or high-frequency transmission.

Shielding: Braided copper wire can act as an electromagnetic shield, which reduces the interference from external sources and improves the signal quality. This makes it essential for applications that involve sensitive or critical data transmission. You just need to ensure choosing the best copper braided manufacturer in Kolkata.

What Are The Applications Of Braided Copper Wire?

Braided copper wire has a wide range of applications across various industries and sectors, such as:


Braided copper wire is used for wiring harnesses, grounding straps, and shielding for avionics and other electronic systems in aircraft and spacecraft. It provides flexibility, durability, conductivity, and shielding for the demanding environments of aerospace applications.


Braided copper wire is used for battery cables, grounding straps, and other electrical systems in vehicles. It offers durability, flexibility, and conductivity for the vibration and temperature variations common in automotive applications.


Braided copper wire is used for catheter reinforcement, surgical instruments, and medical device components. It provides flexibility, biocompatibility, and shielding for sensitive and precise applications in the medical field.


Braided copper wire is used for circuit boards, connectors, and cables for various electronic devices and equipment. It offers flexibility, conductivity, and shielding for high-frequency and high-power applications in the electronics industry.


Braided copper wire is used for high-frequency transmission lines and coaxial cables for communication networks and systems. It delivers conductivity, shielding, and signal quality for fast and reliable data transmission in the telecommunications sector.

Choose Us For The Braided Copper Wire

Braided copper wire is a versatile and valuable conductor that can serve many purposes and functions. However, you need to choose the right one for your application as it will make a big difference in the performance and outcome. 

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