Heat-Proof Flexible Copper Cables

Leading Heat Resistant Cables Manufacturer in kolkata

Established in 1956, L.D. Bhattar & Co. is the most reputed heat resistant cable manufacturer in kolkata and throughout India. These cables are typically used for temperatures varying between -190°C to +1565°C. Our high-quality and well-designed cables can withstand even extreme temperatures. There are different types of heat resistant cables that serve different purposes.

Uses Of Our Heat Resistant Cables

● Heat Resistant Braided Cables for Aircraft
● Heat Resistant Cables for Power generation
● Heat Resistant cables Pressure and flow monitoring
● Heat Resistant Boiler Cables for Drying equipment
● Heat Resistant Cables for Engines
● Fire Proof Cables for Ovens
● Flame-Free Cables for Furnaces
● Fire Proof Cables for Heat exchangers
● Fire Resistant Cables for Medical

Features Of Heat Resistant Cables Manuafcturer in Kolkata

● Different jacketing materials
● Various shielding types
● Fire proof cables with different insulation types
● Different industry certifications such as ICEA, CSA, UL, and several others
● Can withstand extreme temperatures
● Has good mechanical capacity and aging resistance when utilized during high temperatures

Heat resistant cables manufacturer in kolkata can also be used for internal wiring of industrial, commercial, or domestic ovens, food drying equipment, and other appliances ,Fire Survival Cables manufacturers in kolkata are favorable to be used in regions with high humidity levels.

At L.D. Bhattar & Co., we believe in continuous research and development to adapt to the modern business landscape. Our team focuses on all our cables to not miss any opportunity for improvements. We are the pioneer heat resistant cables manufacturer in India and are NSIC registered. So, you can count on us if you’re looking for excellent heat resistant cables for your business. We stay updated with the latest technology to bring the best possible products to the table for our clients.

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Not sure what kind of cables will serve your business purpose? Don’t worry as we are here to help you. Our clients are our priority so no matter if a project is small or big, we will pay equal attention to them. Call our experts today to understand more about our products or check our website.