LD Bhattar & Co: The Best Copper Braid Manufacturer in Kolkata

LD Bhattar & Co: The Best Copper Braid Manufacturer in Kolkata
Jan 14, 2024
LD Bhattar & Co: The Best Copper Braid Manufacturer in Kolkata

When it comes to buying the best quality electrical products in Kolkata, certainly the name of the most reputed LD Bhattar and Co. appears in the mind. The company is one of the oldest manufacturing companies in India, providing top-notch electrical products to various industries related to power generation, oil and gas, defense, etc. Over the years, we have been delivering products that have helped businesses boost their operations, resulting in enhanced productivity.

Since power generation facilities are one of our top clients, we are committed to providing them with exceptional electrical products best suited to their preferences and requirements. LD Bhattar & Co. is the best copper braid manufacturer in Kolkata and delivers it to various power installations across the city. We also offer top-quality rubber trailing cables for several installations for different purposes.

History of the Company

LD Bhattar 7 Co. started its journey in the year 1965 by manufacturing state-of-the-art electrical products such as cables, wires, conductors, thermocouples, transformers, etc. As the industrial base in India has started expanding, we have also expanded our business operations, and now LD Bhattar has become the biggest manufacturer and supplier of electrical products in the eastern region.

The company is a pioneer in manufacturing and supplying the best electrical goods to heavy industries, the energy sector, railways, and defense in the country. Over the years, we have been serving the best interests of the nation by delivering advanced electrical items to businesses. We are committed to contributing to the development of the nation by manufacturing products that assist industries in improving their productivity.

Why Consider Us?

You will find many companies in the eastern zone that offer different types of electrical products, but when you are looking for the best items, LD Bhattar & Co. should be your first choice. There are numerous reasons for considering us as your partner in success; some of them are as follows:

Top-Quality Products: As we know, LD Bhattar & Co. is the best copper braid manufacturer in Kolkata; hence, it offers multiple types of copper braids to different industries as per their preferences and requirements. Likewise, we also supply comprehensive electrical products to various sectors, ensuring their sustainability and better outcomes.

Extensive Products: We provide a wide range of electrical products for different industrial purposes because each product has its unique use and is used by businesses that operate in specific sectors.

Cost-Effective Products: The company offers innovative electrical items at highly affordable rates in comparison to other companies in the eastern region. We are the leading supplier of the best quality products that are available at reasonable prices and allow businesses to achieve maximum profit with minimum investment.

Flawless Supply: LD Bhattar is also known for its swift and flawless supply of electrical products in the country. It is very difficult to deliver vulnerable and high-risk products from one corner to another, but we have the required experience and expertise to supply such products to their destinations with complete safety and security.

Maintenance and Replacement: We have a dedicated team of experienced professionals who have the skills and knowledge to provide perfect maintenance and replacement services to industry clients who are facing challenges in producing output as per their desire.

Trust: Whether it is wire, transformers, cells, thermocouples, conductors, or rubber trailing cables, our products are in high demand by industries dealing with energy, construction, defense, and transport sectors. It helped us boost our trust factor among our clients and empowered us to make LD Bhattar & Co. an unbeaten brand in manufacturing in the eastern zone.

Take a Glance

We make different types of electrical products that help our clients increase their customer base across the country and take their business to new heights. If you are specifically looking for the best copper braid manufacturer in Kolkata, then you should consider LD Bhattar & Co. as your first preference.

We will provide you with top-quality copper braids at affordable rates and allow you to boost your performance and earn more revenue than you invested. Our company offers an extensive range of products that have the potential to transform your average-performing asset into a surplus unit.


Choose LD Bhattar & Co. as your ultimate destination for purchasing the best-quality rubber trailing cables manufacturer in kolkata and other electrical goods to boost the productivity of your facility. Shortly, we are planning to expand our operations all over India and provide critical items to several installations to contribute to the rapid growth of the industrial sector, which will ultimately lead to the development of the nation.

When it comes to ensuring longevity, safety, and better productivity, LD Bhattar & Co. will always remain the best copper braid manufacturer in Kolkata, including rubber trailing cables, thermocouples, and other electrical products. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us now to make your business an unbeatable success.