Looking for Top Rubber Trailing Cable Manufacturers in Kolkata?

Looking for Top Rubber Trailing Cable Manufacturers in Kolkata?
Feb 13, 2024
Looking for Top Rubber Trailing Cable Manufacturers in Kolkata?

Kolkata is home to various industries that are critical for the growth of the city and also the country. Starting from heavy industry to small and medium-scale industries, everyone requires a smooth and flawless supply of products and services that help them boost their productivity. Industries that are in the sectors of power generation, construction, and manufacturing need a sustainable supply of products and services to maintain their production capacity. LD Bhattar and Co. is one of the top rubber trailing cable manufacturers in Kolkata that offers the best-quality LT Furnace, rubber trailing cables, and other industry-specific products to support businesses of all sizes.

About LD Bhattar & Co.

We came into existence in 1965 as a manufacturing company delivering top-quality products to several industries in the eastern region. For more than 50 years, LD Bhattar & Co. has been helping businesses increase their production with efficiency. The quality of our items has made us a reputed brand as one of the rubber trailing cable manufacturers in Kolkata, which helps them improve their operations. Also, when it comes to choosing reputed LT Furnace cable manufacturers in Kolkata, LD Bhattar & Co. should be your primary preference.

Pioneer in Manufacturing Electrical Products

We are pioneers in the field of manufacturing the best electrical and industrial products, ensuring a sustainable supply of items to various businesses across the eastern region. Our products are helping them to accelerate their functionality and produce better results. LD Bhattar & Co. offers niche products for industries that are difficult to find in the market but are very critical for industrial use. If you are running a manufacturing business or research laboratory, then you should consider buying incredible LT furnaces and rubber trailing cables at reasonable rates. We provide all kinds of products for all kinds of industrial purposes, such as electricity production, manufacturing, construction, mining, etc.

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LD Bhattar & Co. is among the major LT Furnace cable manufacturers in Kolkata, which is assisting businesses to expand their operational base across various regions of the country. We also have a robust supply system, delivering products to numerous production facilities and research laboratories swiftly. Our team of experts will ensure the complete safety and security of the industrial items that can pose potential risks or be vulnerable to damage in the process of transportation. LD Bhattar & Co. is helping businesses expand their customer base across the country and achieve greater success with limited investment.

Reasons for Choosing Us

There are multiple reasons for businesses to consider us as their ultimate choice when it comes to purchasing top-quality industrial products. Some of them are as follows:

Best in the Industry Products: LD Bhattar & Co. offers exceptional materials for industrial purposes to several businesses of all sizes.

Affordable Items: As one of the reputed rubber trailing cable manufacturers in Kolkata, we provide different types of cables to factories and other facilities at affordable rates.

Reputed Brand: LD Bhattar & Co. is a reputed manufacturing company that produces various kinds of electrical and industrial products for industries and allows them to produce better results.

Reliability: The most important aspect of our products is that they are reliable and sustainable for all kinds of industrial purposes, ensuring complete safety and longevity. We deliver products that empower businesses to boost their productivity and achieve desirable outcomes.


To purchase the best-quality cables, consider LD Bhattar & Co., one of the premier LT furnace cable manufacturers in Kolkata. We will take your business to the next level and enable you to achieve maximum output with minimum input, ensuring the successful fulfillment of your objectives.