What are LT Furnace Cables and Why are They Used?

What are LT Furnace Cables and Why are They Used?
Jan 07, 2024
What are LT Furnace Cables and Why are They Used?

If you are involved in the metal industry, you may have heard of LT Furnace cables. These are special types of cables that are used to connect the transformer busbar and the melting electrodes in electric arc furnaces. Electric arc furnaces are devices that use high-voltage electric currents to melt scrap metal and produce steel or other alloys. 


LT Furnace cables are essential for the efficient and safe operation of these furnaces, as they have to withstand high temperatures, high currents, and high mechanical stress. L D Bhattar & Co. is the right place if you’re looking for the best LT Furnace cable manufacturer in kolkata . In this blog, we will explain what LT Furnace cables are, how they are made, and what are their advantages.

What are LT Furnace cables?


LT Furnace cables are low-tension cables that have a cross-sectional area of 400 sq. mm. or more. They are made of multiple layers of stranded annealed bright bare copper electrolytic wires, which are flexible and conductive. The wires are insulated with polyester tapes and varnished cambric, which are synthetic materials that have high dielectric strength and low dielectric loss. 


The insulation has an effective thickness, which is enough to withstand 400 volts. The insulation is also impregnated with a highly polymerized thermosetting varnish, which is a resin that hardens and strengthens the insulation when heated. The cables are then covered with asbestos braiding, which is a fire-resistant and heat-resistant material that protects the cables from abrasion, oil, water, and weather conditions. 


How are LT Furnace cables made?


LT Furnace cables are made by a process called sublimation printing, which is a technique that transfers digital designs onto fabric using heat and pressure. Sublimation printing uses special ink that penetrates into the fibers of the fabric, rather than staying on the surface.


This creates a permanent bond between the ink and the fabric and preserves the vividness and sharpness of the colors and images. Sublimation printing can print any digital image or graphic onto the fabric, regardless of the size, shape, or color. This means that the cables can be customized and personalized according to the preferences and needs of the customers. 


Sublimation printing is also a simple and fast process that does not require any pre-treatment or post-treatment of the fabric, or any screens or plates. This reduces the production time and cost and eliminates the waste and pollution.


What are the advantages of LT Furnace cables?


LT Furnace cables have many advantages over other types of cables, such as PVC or XLPE cables, that make them suitable for electric arc furnaces. Here are some of the key advantages of these cables are:


  • Flexibility: LT Furnace cables can bend and twist in multiple directions, without breaking or cracking. They can also adapt to different shapes and sizes of reels and drums, and accommodate various types of connectors and terminations. This makes them easy to install, operate, and maintain and reduces the risk of cable damage and failure.


  • Durability: LT Furnace cables can withstand high mechanical stress and strain, such as tension, compression, torsion, and impact. They can also endure high temperatures and thermal cycles, without melting or degrading. They can also resist cuts, tears, punctures, and wear, and maintain their integrity and performance over time. Make sure to choose the right LT Furnace cable manufacturer in kolkata to buy the best quality cables at competitive prices. 


  • Electrical insulation: LT Furnace cables have high dielectric strength and low dielectric loss, which means they can prevent electric shocks and short circuits, and minimize power losses and heating. They can also withstand high voltages and currents, without breaking down or arcing. They can also resist electromagnetic interference and noise, and ensure the quality and stability of the power supply. 


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